By Andie Weinman, CEO / President of Preferred Jewelers International™ and Continental Buying Group

Well, here it comes again. The ever important, ever changing stressful 4th quarter. Stress is inevitable no matter what you try. But handling stress is something we should all strive for, for our personal well being.

The main stress culprits at work are usually changes in technology, workload and interpersonal conflicts. The latter can be controlled.


People who are ‘high in emotional intelligence’ are better at handling their emotions and the emotions of those around them.


Here are 7 ways that can help you to maintain and handle workplace pressure;

1.Be aware of your own emotions and stress levels.

Being self-aware lets you control stress levels, so they do not become out of control. You must have go-to tools when you become overwhelmed. Take a break, talk to a “trusted” co-worker, etc.

2. Find trustworthy people to talk to whether at work or in your personal life.

You must trust the people you talk to. Reach out to these individuals and benefit from their support and understanding. Especially when the pressure starts to build. Remember to reach out for help before a situation goes into crisis level.

3. Huge… take time to respond, rather than react – Big one for me.

As I get older (oh my), I am not as ready to fight or speak. Wait is a word I have learned to love. Most people feel before they think. When our emotions overwhelm us, we are in danger of over reacting. The only example I can think of right now is road rage. If we can take a breath and not immediately react, our thinking process kicks in and we can make a more rational decision. Sometimes it’s better, as they say to, “sleep on it” before reacting to anything.


4. Set boundaries and stay calm in all situations.

Instead of reacting to anger with anger you must remain calm. Anger will only intensify the problem at hand. By staying calm, listening and staying positive. You are able to diffuse tense situations and keep them from escalating. Instead of reacting with anger, politely but firmly set boundaries. Remove your ego from the situation. This will allow for clarity.


5. Be aware of what triggers you!

We are all triggered at times when someone says or does something that brings up strong emotions. If you are aware of your emotions and can track or keep them in check, you are less likely to be caught off guard and less likely for anyone to trigger those emotions. Becoming aware of yourself, makes you aware of others.


6. Be able to identify your emotions.

If you can label an emotion it takes some of the power out of the feeling. Try to identify your own range of emotions. This will decrease the likelihood of a damaging outburst.


7.Be able to show your authenticity and vulnerability when appropriate.

Know what to share and how much to share. Not having to be “on” all the time and be all things to all people relieves a great deal of pressure. (Ladies you all know whom I’m talking to.) This gives us leeway and breathing space when things do not work out as planned, when schedules aren’t met, or when an unexpected crisis occurs.


Now is the time to be emotionally intelligent. When stressful days are upon us, you will succeed by remaining calm. Then go home and pour your favorite frosty beverage or wine.

Relax, it will all start again tomorrow.

Success is in the fourth quarter, Atlanta here we come!


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