Reconnect with Andie!

First of all I want to give you a very heartfelt THANK YOU for believing in us and for all those that participated in the 2021 CBG Vegas Show!

Seriously we were all so glad to see everyone and be BACK in action again!

Thank you so much to all that came to the show!

I am so excited to be actively working on the 2021 CBG Tampa RETREAT and Show.

This is something that I have put my heart and soul into and I really want to bring

everyone together to... say it with me now,

2021 CBG Tampa TShirt V1.jpg

We can't wait to present this beautiful location and all the events, presentations, interactive workshops and more that we have in store for you.

I have so much more to say and all is coming very soon!

If you haven't already, please reserve your space. You are not going to want to miss this.

This is a mandatory show for all Retailers so we will have the whole membership in Tampa!

Stay Tuned and come back to the

Vendor Buzz often for more news and updates!

...check out this hotel and the lobby bar pictures...

Thank you again... Andie