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Unlock Your Social Media Potential: Exclusive Tips & Tricks for Continental Buying Group Members


Hello CBG Community!

I see you creating and posting every day, and kudos to those who do—that’s why you appear more often on our @Cbg_picks story than other stores/vendors. As we head into the Summer of 2024, I want to update you on our direction.

The purpose of @Cbg_picks is to drive consumers to CBG Retailers. To support this, we've crafted a social media marketing strategy that will unfold over the coming months. Here are some tips and tricks to help you attract new consumers and build long-lasting relationships:

1. Digital Assets I’ve provided new CBG Digital assets for you or your sales associates to use. Don’t forget to invite us to collaborate to boost your views and engagement—we encourage working as a group! (We should all have the CBG logo on our websites - stay searchable)


2. Focus on Building Your Own Community (Building your own tribe)


  • Quality over Quantity: Develop a strong relationship with the right audience. It takes time, but a quality connection means your followers will trust your recommendations, join you in taking action, and follow you across all platforms.

  • Engagement: Foster a sense of community by interacting with your followers and responding to their comments and messages.


3. Understand and Adapt to Algorithms


  • Stay Updated: Keep up with the latest algorithm changes on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. For instance, Instagram is pushing shorter-form videos through Reels, while TikTok is focusing on longer landscape videos (over 60 seconds).

  • Consistency and Strategy: Pairing a consistent posting schedule with an informed strategy will help your account and community grow. Watch YouTube tutorials and follow news feeds from Instagram and TikTok to stay current.


4. Monetize Your Platforms

  • Link Your Storefront: Make it easy for followers to visit your website by linking it in your posts and stories.

  • Leverage TikTok: Use TikTok to attract new customers and gather information that can lead to new consumers.

  • Creative Campaigns: Consider running giveaways to encourage local followers to share your story and repost your content.

Join me at the CBG social media Station to discuss how we can grow our stores and foot traffic, both in-person and online, through strategies like linking websites to posts, geotagging, and varying your posting style.

Feel free to call me at the CBG Office during office hours—just ask for...


Kat at 305-868-9004
or visit me at the CBG Social Media Station, Table 15

Together, we can create a thriving social media presence that drives traffic and sales.

Best, Kat

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