Pray for Estelle and for all others who may be missing in this horrible disaster at the Champlain Towers in Surfside.

June 29, 2021
June 27, 2021 Live Feed continually updated

June 25, 2021

From Joe;

44 years in this business and today has been one of the hardest yet fulfilling days of my career. Estelle Hedaya is missing from the tragic incident that is making worldwide news. Andie and I and the small entire CBG team are devastated and also hopeful. I am sorry if I did not answer your call, email, or text. It is amazing that our Group is truly an extended family and that our industry is truly bonded at the hip. I promise to keep everyone posted on any developments that may occur tonight. Estelle is a fighter as we all know. Let's hope and pray for the best outcome.

So here is the latest update. The rescue crews have been battling a fire in a 4th floor unit that is still standing and has hurricane windows. This fire was causing smoke on the rubble. Then we have the typical June rainstorms. They brought in a huge crane to break the windows of the condo to put out the fire. Fire is now out. They have NOT mentioned any survivors other than a small child they removed earlier this morning. There are 100's of men working on the the scene. I have heard stories of pockets of air where people have survived.


Please pray with me, Andie, and my team, that are truly devastated by this event.

Today was harder for me than yesterday. CBG misses their girl.

If I hear any more news I will post it ASAP.

June 24, 2021

Dear CBG Family, 

We are so saddened and paralyzed by the very recent news of Estelle's apartment building partially collapsing early this morning at approximately 2:30am. There are currently 51 people missing with Estelle being one of them. We are devastated but we are hopeful.

We have left no stone unturned and gone to all measures to get any information or word from or about Estelle's well being and her possible location.

We will keep you all posted and will let you all know more information as soon as we hear it.

Please pray for her;

Estelle Hedaya

or in Hebrew

Esther bat Linda

Please keep Estelle and her family in your thoughts and prayers,
Andie, Joe, Laurie, Sophie, Danielle, Ellie and Richard

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