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Michelle Chila

For Michelle's presentation at the CBG Experience in New Orleans, Michelle is requesting that everyone please take this quick survey so she can better customize her Content Creation Workshop to everyone's needs. Your input will be very helpful. Thank you in advance!



Michelle Adorjan Chila is a trusted strategic business advisor, former head of marketing for TACORI, and current instructor at the #1 Fashion School in the West, FIDM. She has worked with CHANEL, Warner Brothers Pictures, Cadillac and Netflix, to name a few!


Michelle is passionate about empowering students, brands, and businesses with the secret weapons of simplicity and storytelling, helping them develop the necessary skills to meet today's business challenges.  

In 2018, Michelle was named one of the Top 100 Innovators in Marketing by MOGUL and one of the Top 1000 Companies with Strongest Female Leadership. In 2014, she was nominated for a GEM Award for Marketing & communication.

Today, Michelle is CEO and Founder of MC Squared Marketing, a strategic consultancy group that helps brands and businesses create compelling narratives to drive business results.


On day 3 at our morning meeting please join Michelle Chila as she spills the secrets of how Big Brands create content for their business. Using her own "4 S Formula" she'll show you how to create exclusive content that's designed to grow your business and help you sell -- without that big brand budget.  

Michelle's keynote will incorporate a competition that will involve five randomly picked teams, with all team members being from different companies from both retailers and suppliers! Each team will work together to see who can create the best creative content using the equipment supplied by Michelle. The winners will each go home with a full social media set up--worth over $2,500!

By the end of this presentation, you'll have everything you need to get out of your seats and get started creating your own video and photography content for social media and more. 

Are you ready?!

This could all be YOURS!

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