Basic Security Recommendations When Carrying Jewelry Off-Premises

1. Never resist in a robbery. There are many instances of salespersons being punched, kicked, stabbed or knocked to the ground, sending the injured salesperson to the hospital.

2. Jewelry merchandise left in an unattended vehicle is an easy target for gangs and often means that there will be no insurance coverage. DO NOT LEAVE GOODS IN AN UNATTENDED VEHICLE. Do not leave jewelry merchandise in the trunk or on the seat of your car, even for a minute, when you run into a store or go on an errand.

3. Many off-premises robberies of traveling salespersons occur in parking lots, often when going to or from hotels, where they have been followed after making sales calls. Sometimes the sales calls were made on the previous day and the salespersons were not hit until the next morning after they have left the hotel. SALESPERSONS MUST TAKE EVASIVE DRIVING ACTION AFTER EVERY SALES CALL, AND BEFORE RETURNING TO THEIR HOTEL, HOME OR OFFICE.

4. Salespersons must try to see if they are being followed by using such evasive driving tactics as driving very slowly, by driving around the block, by making u-turns or pulling into a bank or fast food parking lot. Are one or more cars following you?

5. If you are being followed, call 911 and say “I am about to be the victim of an armed robbery.” and if possible make your call obvious to the suspicious persons. When criminals see you using your cell phone after you have spotted them, they are less likely to pursue you because they may fear you have called the police.

6. Don’t fall for distractions. If someone approaches you for change or directions, consider yourself a crime target and move on swiftly.

7. If you experience trouble with your car trunk lock, door lock or ignition key, or have a flat tire, radiator trouble or are bumped by another car, consider yourself a crime target. Immediately get yourself to a place of safety.

8. South American gangs watch retail jewelry locations. When you arrive at a location carrying jewelry, drive around the area and look for suspicious groups of males who may be sitting in nearby vehicles. Park as close to the main entrance to your destination as possible, and do not enter or exit by a rear or secluded entrance.

9. Jewelers should not take valuable jewelry merchandise to their homes.

10. Whether riding in a taxi, shuttle bus, or by any means of transportation, keep all jewelry merchandise with you, not in the trunk of the taxi or storage compartment of the bus or van.

11. Even if you are not carrying jewelry merchandise, if you are visiting jewelry premises and are carrying a bag of any sort, you are a target. The criminals that stake out jewelry premises may mistake the bag you are carrying, whether an attaché case or your gym clothes, for a bag containing jewelry merchandise. When you can avoid carrying a bag of any sort, do so.

12. Gangs have been known to place GPS devices on the autos of salespersons. There are electronic devices available to detect the presence of GPS devices. Salespersons should also inspect underneath their vehicle from time to time.