Event Dates: October 4-6, 2021


510 Water Street, Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 221 - 4900  |  www.marriott.com

Deadline to submit all artwork is Monday, July 26, 2021

As a valuable member of the Continental Buying Group - YOUR SUCCESS is OUR PRIORITY, therefore we are constantly making adjustments to ensure we uphold that promise. 

A major aspect of supplier success is derived from promotional materials, and while we do our best to promote our suppliers...
it is absolutely necessary for you to aid us in our efforts to bring you positive results. 

The most efficient means by which the Continental Buying Group fosters promotional platforms are the Show Preview and Style and Trends Report.


Show Previews / Style and Trends Reports will be placed on the secured CBG Retailer App / Website. The retailers will be sent a link to the gallery a few weeks prior to the show; They will review it and plan their schedules accordingly. 

Only suppliers who have advertised in the show book or sponsored an event 
will have their slides displayed during the Retailer's Morning Meetings.

Submission Details:

Not only do show previews keep us current on all your new developments (i.e. new items, collections, co-op opportunities etc.), but they are held in high regards by our retail members.



  • Limit of Slides: 4 Slides

    • Show Preview: 2 slides displaying anything you've been developing: New Items, New Collections, Co-Op Opportunities, Redesigned Displays, etc.

    • Style and Trends: 2 slides displaying trending styles 
      As our mission is to help our suppliers and retailers alike, we created the Style and Trend report - particularly to help our retailers easily identify and source trending items. This gallery is very helpful to them, as they are able to narrow done suppliers who carry the styles that are currently popular. (2021 Trends: single earrings/mismatched earrings, pearl jewelry, initials, personalized, charms on paperclip chain, stacking / layering bangles - rings - chains) etc.


  • Wholesale Price of Items, including: types of metals, stone types, and price point​

  • File Type: PowerPoint / Widescreen 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Show Preview Examples


Style and Trends Examples



How to Submit Images and PowerPoint Files:

Please send your artwork and updates to contact@cbgi.org. If your images are too large to send via email, please use one of the following websites to submit your images.​