Smiling Rocks - Planted 800 Trees From CBG 2021 Tampa Show

Dear Andie and Joe


Hope all is well with you! 


I'd like to share with you that Smiling Rocks has pledged to plant 800 more trees with the support of the visitors at the CBG Tampa Show! Each visitor visiting our booth has been a part of the amazing journey and we are happy to do so with the support of CBG.


As the show happened in Florida, Smiling Rocks is working with One Tree Planted to plant in the Myakka State Forest Reforestation in Florida. One Tree Planted aim to Restoring the overstory on this site will improve our ability to conduct prescribed burns which are critical to maintaining both the diversity and structure of flatwoods communities. Establishing an effective prescribed fire regime on this site will benefit numerous native wildlife species.

We are happy to share this great news with you! Hope to see you at the next show! Take care and have a great week.

Let's Smile Together!

Regards and Thanks,


Kishwar Mehmood

Global Brand Director

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