2020 VTS Testimonials


Retailer Testimonials

Harris Jeweler.jpg

Harris Jeweler

I hope the show is going well!  All my appointments have gone really well and were definitely beneficial! 

Bonnie Harris Frey


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Harold Jaffe Jewelers

The CBG Virtual Platform is AMAZING and works seamlessly!

We have been able to work with our CBG suppliers in a safe environment and get a lot of work done to prepare our store for the holiday season. 

The vendors we met with were extremely impressed, since by meeting with us through the platform there were no distractions and they had our undivided attention.

We are so excited that we will be able to use the platform until the end of the year. I am always rushing to get everything done in 3 days during a show and now I can study the platform.  I plan to really get to know the participating Suppliers by studying their showcases on the platform. I never have enough time to explore new lines at a show but now I have a centralized marketplace to work with. I made almost 20 appointments during the 4 days but plan to use the platform through the end of the year. By participating, and setting up their showcases, the vendors are planting seeds for future opportunities which is priceless.

The only thing I would add is a comment board where I could share positive feedback on a CBG Vendor.

Once again, a job well done! Thank you CBG!


Michelle Jaffe

Harold Jaffe Jewelers


Kiefer Jewelers

Thank you so much for putting the show together and for all the vendors that participated! It’s amazing to see how we all continue to adapt and thrive even in the worst of circumstances. So proud to be in this group!

Alex Hevia Schlindwein
Kiefer Jewelers


King Furs and Fine Jewelry

Kudos on a great week and giving all of us the ability to have some quality time with our CBG vendor family.  All in all, very few issues and the meetings went well.

Every vendor I Zoomed with was so appreciative to connect and the “spirit” of CBG was marvelous. 

There is certainly optimism amongst our peers.

Great job and I look forward to using the platform the rest of the year to see our vendors.  I will say, some were more prepared than others and those that were ready made everything quite easy.  It was surprising, some who I thought were more tech savvy were the ones who were not as organized.

Hopefully, those that decided not to “attend” or were late to “the party” will see the importance of the platform and decide to come aboard.  Out of sight, out of mind.
Congrats Again.

Steve Ballin
King Furs and Fine Jewelry


Kingston Fine Jewelry

The virtual show was a huge success for me (and I think for my vendors - Eli-Ron could not thank me enough for making him do it!).  Taking the four days off to work from home and dedicate to the show ended up being super important.  As is the case when I am physically at the show, the only problem was that I did not have enough time lol.  I only had one vendor miss an appointment and they have already reached out to me after I used the message part of the platform and we are going to talk next week.


I meet with a few of the newer vendors (brand new or new within the past year or so) and I will be placing orders with them.

Everything went very smooth and I think it was a successful for both me and for my suppliers who I placed orders with.  I wanted to thank you for taking the time to help my rep at Shefi get going this morning. Everything worked out great after you helped him.

Thanks again for everything.  You have been instrumental in making this work for me over this past week.  I also just used the wish list for one of my vendors so that we can go over some specific items during our appointment tomorrow.  That was fun!

Warm regards,



Lasker Jewelers

I like the vendors showcase function with pricing on their line.  That has potential to be useful. 

Hans Soukup

Merchandising Manager/Buyer

Spicer Greene.jpg

Spicer Greene Jewelers

I hope vendors will put more in their showcases before Jan. That would be soooo amazing to have one login for everything.

I have been using the showcase to source things before holiday! It would be so helpful for vendors to get their entire lines in there! It simplifies sourcing and could be a one stop shop!!

As much as I love the show book, I love this even more! It’s so easy to sort by color, gold, etc.


Eva- Michelle Spicer


Ware Jewelers

I have to say all the meetings have gone very well, few glitches but not many.

Ronnie Ware

Ware Jewelers




Altr Creted Diamonds/ RA Riam

Thank you @esmeraldasays @joecbg and @chachacha3869 and the team for the virtual show. @cbg_picks has always been personal to us. The virtual show was once again a humble statement that screamed the silent power of its founders and retail members. The year has been a roller coaster and we can't appreciate enough how CBG has been an important part of our support line. It is during these times that we realize the importance of being a part of such a powerful retail family and thank all our customers for staying loyal to us during this journey.

Amish Shah


Brilliant Elements

Some feedback from our team:

We had a very successful virtual show last week!

The great thing was that each and every appointment showed up, everyone was very attentive, and we did open few new accounts and got Christmas orders as well. 

Your IT team did a fabulous job and special thanks to K and everyone at back office.

 Once again thanks a lot for making us a part of CBG show and we are looking forward to more of these virtual meeting platforms to get connected with our customers in this group .

 Have a wonderful week ahead!


Takshal Bhansali


Dee Berkley Jewelry

We are so HONORED to be part of this AMAZING group! This show was such a huge help to our company, and we are so so happy we were able to participate! Thank you to all of you and for the referrals!! Way to go on a great show!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Dee Harrison


IDD- Sandeep

The show has been very good so far. Very happy with the response. Almost every customer met with us. Once they meet, they always like our stuff and place orders. I will call you later today and discuss. This proves once again that CBG and you guys are the best!  No doubt about it 👍

Thank you for all your efforts.

Once again, All your hard work is greatly appreciated by the IDD team. We love CBG❤️


Jewelry Designer Showcase

Hi Estelle, hope you are well. 


Just a quick note of thanks for all your continued support. In our opinion, last week’s Virtual Show was a big success! 

It really has been a great experience dealing with everyone in the CBG office, especially you, Andie and Joe. 

We are very happy with the group! We are glad to be a part of the CBG family and are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship! 


Best regards,



Jewelry Designer Showcase



Lali Jewels

Thank you to the CBG team for putting together the virtual show so quickly, the platform was easy to use and well prepared.  We at LALI missed seeing our CBG family in person, but were happy to be a part of the show and see everyone virtually!  A special thank you to Joe and Estelle for joining in on some meetings, it was great to see you and we appreciate the support you and Andie always give to us.  We had a successful show and are looking forward to a great season and seeing everyone in person hopefully sooner than later!

Jessica Prevete / Senior Account Executive


Original Designs

Now that We’ve had a chance to decompress and think about the 1st Ever CBG Virtual Show, we wanted to give you and the CBG Office (particularly Sophie and Danielle), as well as to K and his team, 2 Thumbs Way Up.

Despite having “virtually” less than a month to put it all together, we managed to build and to put on, one heck of a Show, which included an ODI/Tache Platform full of fabulous images, design presentations, ads and banners, that looked totally Awesome.

And none of it could have been accomplished without all of the help and assistance of Team CBG.

While nothing replaces all of us physically being together, this was the next best thing; and even better than the past few years of actual Physical CBG Shows, we actually had meetings with several CBG Retails with whom we never met with before (or with whom we hadn’t met with in around 10 Years); so from that perspective, this “Virtual” Show was even more successful for Team ODI/Tache, than a physical show would’ve been.

Thank You…Thank You…Thank You!!

Jeffrey Weinman
Executive Vice President of Sales



Original Designs

I just wanted to let you guys know that even with the short time to get our show page set up, it looks so awesome! K has been amazing. I could not have done it without all of the help and attention from K and his team. And also, thanks to Sophie for her help with the ads and banners.

Much appreciated!

Hope everyone has a successful show!

Valerie Fletcher

VP Design and Product Development