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The Continental Buying Group Shows are Private!

Only authorized CBG Suppliers (that were sent an official invitation) and authorized Retailers are allowed to attend the CBG show.

Do not invite outside retailers or suppliers to the CBG show. We will not issue them a badge to enter the show, we will not pull you from the ballroom to inform you of your guest, we will turn them away at the registration desk. If you feel that the retailer or supplier is a good fit for CBG, please inform the office 2 months before the show so that we can properly process their membership.

Picking Up Badges

  • Badges will be given to the individual whose name is on the list after showing the proper photo identification
    i.e. driver’s license, passport, etc. along with a business card. 

  • It is the responsibility of each person to pick up his or her own badge.

  • 4 attendees are allowed per booth and 3 attendees per table.
    i.e. 4 attendees at a single booth and 8 for a double booth and so on.

    A charge of $
    900.00 per extra attendee will be applied. An invoice will be issued when your submission is received. Credit cards can also be used during the show for additional badges.

  • In the event that your badge has been misplaced, you will be charged $50 to replace it.

Hotel Reservation Discount / Room Block

You must book your room within our block and take at least 3 nights at the designated hotel hosting our event to qualify for the $500 discount on your booth. Please submit your room confirmation number with payment to receive your discount. If you pay in full, your discount will become a credit on your account. You will be able to use your credit towards sponsorships, advertising opportunities, or future shows.

Cancelling Room Reservations

Please contact the hotel directly to cancel your room. The hotel will send us a report of all cancellations weekly.
If you have received the hotel discount on your booth but cancelled your room, we will send you an invoice for the $500.
You must reserve at least 1 room for 3 nights at the designated hotel to qualify for the discount.


Bring your Full Line

We would like to impress upon you how important it is that you bring your entire line to our show. Many of the CBG retailers expect to see your full line at the CBG show. They do not want to be told to see the rest of the line at another show. If you have a problem bringing your full line please inform the CBG office.

Along with the above please remember,

  •  All merchandise at your booth must be okayed and/or approved by the CBG office.

  •  Please place your best sellers on a tray to the right of your booth and your new styles to the left. This makes it easier for the retailer. 

Respect your Neighbors

We allow you to set up your booth to your liking. We just have a few rules in place to keep your neighbors happy,

  • You can hang signs in your booth and in your booth ONLY.  We will not let exhibitors place signs in the foyer or in the aisles of the ballroom.

  • You can not block you neighbors view with your signage.

  • You can not replace any of your drapes with banners. Please make sure to invest in banners that have eyelets.
    See image below for exam

  • Please remove all containers and or boxes from the Ballroom after you have unpacked and place them in the proper room for storage. Inquire at the registration desk please.

  • Do not interrupt your neighbors if they are working with a CBG retailer. 


Do Not Pack Up Early

Our retailers find it disrespectful, distracting and rude to see exhibitors packing up before the show closes. It makes them seriously consider not working with you and that you do not care about their business.

Announcements During Show

There will not be any announcements over the PA system during the CBG show regarding raffle winners, giveaways, or any advertisements. If you need to have something announced to the retailers, please submit it to the CBG Registration Desk and we will announce it at the next retailer morning meeting or during the closing meeting.

No Smoking, No Vaping

Smoking is not allowed in the facility holding the event. Especially inside the ballroom and at your booth. This looks bad on your company. Please step outside to enjoy your smoke.

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