A Word From Joe...


How often has this office asked for help?  Think about it.  I would say not very often. 


You know that the office prides itself in not taking any percentage of sales from the suppliers.  The bulk of the income CBG receives is from our TRADE SHOWS.  As you know we only had one live show in 2020 and already had to postpone our January 2021 Orlando Show. 


Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves we invested more money in developing a Virtual Platform and had a Virtual Show in September. 


Good news bad news:


Good news is that the platform worked extremely well for a first time show. 


Bad news is that only 61 of our suppliers participated.


We had let many suppliers off the hook because we understood that that there was a degree of skepticism due to the JCK Virtual Debacle. We also did not want to overwhelm K @ Bluestar Applications with last minute suppliers since he had already been working around the clock to get the CBG Virtual Platform up and running. Now that we have proven that we can host a successful virtual event with retailer participation, we EXPECT full participation from our suppliers as per your membership agreement with CBG.

We are in the process of upgrading the platform so that it will be even better for our January Show. The retailers are continuing to source via the platform as you will see expressed in the testimonials. (Click here to View the testimonials from the 2020 Virtual Trade show.)


I am personally asking for every supplier to show their support for CBG by participating in our upcoming Virtual Show. Your participation would give you a presence on our Virtual Platform until June which gives you a marketing opportunity as well as a way to connect to our CBG retailers through Virtual Meetings.

Thank you in advance.

Joe Murphy

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