Whatcha Know Joe...

Happy New Year!

43 years in the Jewelry Industry and I thought I had seen it all. 


Well that was until March 16, 2020. The day that felt like our Indy race car crashed into a concrete wall.  I remember at first being a skeptic. Asking my friends,


What are they going to do?

Cancel March Madness? 

Will the NBA cancel their season?

Will there be an Olympics? 


Well the answer was yes to all of those questions. Then the top phrase of 2020 came to being:


The New Normal. 


As we start 2021 things still aren't normal. The riot at the Capital is something I am embarrassed that my children and grandchildren had to witness. The vaccination rollout has not gone as smoothly as  expected. But I truly feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel. President Biden has stated that all available vaccinations will be distributed as soon as he takes office. Hopefully by the end of the first quarter tens of millions will be vaccinated. Once that happens we can use the phrase:


The New Normal - Part 2.


We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will see you in person in June for our show in Vegas at Caesars Palace. If not definitely in October for our Tampa show at the new JW Marriott.  If we survived 2020 we can only look forward to better happier days ahead.


As always, you can rely on your CBG office if you need anything. 


Here's to a great 2021.

Joe Murphy

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