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Amidon Jewelers also has their own blog that is updated monthly. They share gift ideas for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, fathers day and mothers day, and many many more special events. The blog also features different segments such as how to choose the perfect engagement ring,the trending jewelry styles, and the hidden treasure of getting cash for gold!

Get to Know a Retailer 



Amidon Jewelers is located in Keene, New Hampshire. They have been with CBG for 14 years now! They specialize in engagements and anniversaries and will go above and beyond your expectations to celebrate your milestones with the perfect piece of jewelry! Amidon is locally owned and run and they take pride in what they do. The store is run by Katie Goode and has been in business for 85 years now! Despite Covid, they still have many different and exciting things going on in the store! At the end of September Amidon Jewelers will be hosting a national rarities buying event and will also be hosting a diamond stud update event. We are so proud of Amidon Jewelers for staying so positive and doing so much for their store in such a stressful time to be a part of the retail community.
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