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Their staff is referred to as “Lee Read-ians” with their main goal being to make every guest walk out feeling as if they are part of the Lee Read Family.

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Lee Read Jewelers, located in Meridian, Idaho, has been a part of CBG for over 21 years. They are one of the many CBG independent jewelers who refuses to let the Covid-19 pandemic stop them from keeping their business from booming. Since the beginning of the year, Larry Read and his team have been working non-stop. In February, they hired Bottom Line Marketing to help with their marketing, and in March they decided to build an entirely new website and remodel their store in the spring. Things unfortunately started to slow down as March progressed, due to obvious reasons.

Throughout the last few months, Larry Read and his team have been nothing but productive in improving the business. They realized that being closed for a month back in April could be a blessing in disguise. They decided to start the renovations they had discussed earlier in the year, which made being closed a little easier.

The store re-opened at the beginning of May while the team still worked on the store’s renovations. By June, the store looked completely different. No designer or architect was used. The store was completely re-done by Larry and his amazing staff at Lee Read Jewelers. Not only did Larry and his team completely re-do the store, but they also re-did the website, which launched at the end of June. It includes all the store videos, stills of their staff and many other features all done by the store owner himself: Larry Read! His goal is to have the website constantly evolve with the business and give the viewer an authentic web experience of what their store is like when customers walk in.

Business has been booming since the re-opening! The store is up approximately 50% for the months of June, July, and August. The team is looking forward to seeing what type of business September will bring them. The staff at Lee Read Jewelers are always working their hardest to be fresh, yet classic, and to make their clients experience exceptional.
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